Rural Terms and Conditions

Orcon Rural Broadband Terms and Conditions

1. These terms and conditions apply to all Orcon customers who receive the Rural Broadband service. The Orcon Broadband terms and conditions will also apply to the provision of the Rural Broadband Service. To the extent there is any inconsistency, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

2. If you are a new Rural Broadband customer, you will have to pay a connection fee and any applicable installation and equipment costs to use the Rural Broadband service.

3. The standard Rural Broadband Equipment includes the SIU (Service Interface Unit, Coaxial Cable, Antenna and ethernet cable).

4. The standard installation service for Rural Broadband involves setting up the Rural Broadband Equipment at your location and configuring your PC, which includes a demonstration of Rural Broadband. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee a timeframe for installation at your premises.

5. The cost of the Rural Broadband Equipment and the standard Installation service cost will be set out on the Orcon website or you can contact Orcon on 0800 13 20 20 for information on these costs.

6. If you live 50km or more from the nearest tower base station, you will be liable to pay additional mileage costs.

7. In order to gain required signal strength for the Rural Broadband service, additional equipment and installation work may be required at an additional cost. If this is the case we will inform you, and we will not carry out any additional work until we have received approval from you.

8. Your Rural Broadband charges will appear as part of your monthly Orcon bill. Charges will include any applicable one-off installation and equipment charges, the Rural Broadband monthly fee (which is billed one month in advance) and a fee for any usage beyond your plan allowance (which is billed one month in arrears).

9. Rural Broadband usage charges are recorded in your Orcon bill.

10. If you want Rural Broadband transferred to a new telephone line or location you will have to pay connection and installation fees.

11. Each of the Rural Broadband plans will be described in its own set of product pages and in the relevant section on the Orcon website and also in the Frequently Asked Questions sections (describing the service) and these are deemed to be included as part of these terms and conditions.

12. Rural Broadband is not available in all areas. Note that we will not be able to establish whether your location will be suitable for receiving the Rural Broadband service until an accredited technician has carried out an assessment at your location.

13. Megabyte usage is based on the amount of data transferred through your Rural Broadband connection (both uploading and downloading).

14. Because Rural Broadband is delivered through the air it can be susceptible to weather conditions, such as snow and rain storms, between where you live and the tower where your signal is received and sent from. Similarly, trees, new buildings, alterations or large objects such as farm machinery in the signal path between the antenna and the signal tower may degrade the signal. Rural Broadband is not guaranteed to be fault free or continuous.

15. Rural Broadband can only be used on a computer that meets certain minimum system requirements.

16. Rural Broadband comes with standard equipment that will require installation by an authorised technician at your location. Additional equipment and installation work may be required at an additional cost, as referred to above.

17. The access speeds for Rural Broadband plans are estimates only. Actual speeds may vary.

18. The Rural Broadband usage meter is available for you to check on your megabyte usage in the “My Account” section of the Orcon website. You can set these up to be emailed to you automatically. These usage alerts are sent out to Rural Broadband customers once per day, so it is possible that there will be a delay of up to 24 hours from the time you exceed your megabyte usage limit, and when you are sent a usage alert email informing you of this. Usage alerts are designed to help you to keep tabs on your megabyte usage, but ultimately it is your responsibility to monitor how many megabytes you have used. You can change the email address that your usage alerts are sent to any time you're online.

19. An expert Rural Broadband Contact Centre is available on 0800 13 20 20 from 8:30am to 10:00pm, Monday to Friday, to assist with your Rural Broadband queries.

20. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a response time when a technician is required to visit your premises in relation to the service.

Orcon Rural Broadband Equipment Terms and Conditions

    These terms and conditions apply in addition to the Orcon General Terms and Conditions, the Rural Broadband Terms and Conditions, the Orcon Broadband terms and conditions and any other specific terms and conditions in relation to Orcon services which you receive.

    RBE means the Orcon Rural Broadband Equipment on your site made up of the outdoor antenna unit (together with any high gain antenna, if employed), the modem and the power supply unit supplied to you by Orcon and installed at your location by Orcon or its representative.

    1. Ownership of the RBE will at all times remain with Orcon and you must not:

    (a) sell, lease, dispose of, lend or otherwise part with possession of, or modify in any way, the RBE;

    (b) use the RBE for any purpose other than receiving Orcon services in accordance with the relevant Orcon Terms and Conditions;

    (c) do any other act which may adversely affect or prejudice the ownership of the RBE in any way. 2. Orcon will, as soon as reasonably practicable, arrange for an employee or contractor of Orcon to supply, deliver and install the RBE at your premises as advised by you.

    3. We reserve the right to supply you with RBE that may have been refurbished provided that such refurbished RBE shall be of equivalent quality and functionality as a new RBE.

    4. The RBE is configured to work only with Orcon services. You may not use it to obtain broadband services provided by other Internet service providers.

    5. We do not provide any guarantee as to the level of performance of the RBE which may be affected by conditions outside of our control.

    6. In the event that the RBE is faulty, we shall replace or repair such defective RBE at our option provided that such fault is not caused by your act or omission.

    7. You shall be liable for any loss (including by fire) or theft of, or damage however caused to, the RBE during the currency of your Orcon services agreement. It is your responsibility to effect insurance cover, if you elect to do so, against potential liability under this clause.

    8. Orcon has the right at any time during the currency of this agreement to enter your site where the RBE is situated in order to maintain, replace or repossess the RBE or where Orcon has reasonable grounds to believe that you are not complying with your obligations under this agreement.

    9. Orcon may at any time in its absolute discretion require that you exchange any RBE for any new equipment provided or specified by Orcon.

    10. Upon termination of the agreement for the provision of Orcon Rural Broadband Services you will allow Orcon to access your site in order to repossess the RBE.

    11. If termination is before the expiration of the minimum term of 24 months then you must pay us, as liquidated damages for early termination a disconnection fee as advised to you by Orcon.